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Welcome to the Teahouse by righterwriter Welcome to the Teahouse :iconrighterwriter:righterwriter 0 0
Alexandria (Trigger warning)
Silas looked into his vanity mirror, sucking in his cheeks and then letting them out as Al listened to his breathing.  He had changed a lot since he had come to the guild.  He looked… healthier, somehow.  Was it his hair?  It wasn’t falling out at such an alarming rate anymore.  His skin?  He still looked quite pale, but perhaps less so.  He gently slapped his cheeks and turned his face from once side to another.
“Al, do you think I’ve put on weight?” he asked.
She scoffed and put her stethoscope away.  “It’s better this way.”
Of course she would know.  She was a doctor.  He mentally slapped himself.  “How many pounds?”
“It’s not important—you look better.  Stand up,” she instructed.  
Silas crossed his arms, frowning.  “I’m not so vain as all that,” he said.
Al raised an eyebrow at him.  “You are pretty v
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The Music Wing
It wasn’t every day that Otto let people enter the Music Wing.  That was why it caused a bit of a hubbub when Silas was allowed to go inside, and even more of a hubbub when people heard music issuing from behind the door a short while later.  Nearby guild members began to crowd around just to listen, and in short order, dozens of people were pressing against the door and squeezing around each other to hear what was going on.
When Nick saw the commotion, he stopped in his tracks, joining the throng around the closed door.  It didn’t take long for him to realize why they were there.  From the other side of the door, sprightly harp music wafted like a spring breeze, and after a short instrumental solo, Nick heard someone singing along, a bright tune in a language he didn’t recognize—he couldn’t hear it well enough from where he was, but he knew it wasn’t English.  The singer’s voice was clear and lovely, and much too femin
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What was that about?
Desta and Silas had a lot of reading to catch up on, and for similar reasons.  Many of the books they needed to read were the same, so once Silas had finished one, he would pass it on to Desta, and she would get to it when she finished the last one, her reading skills being not quite on the same level as his.  Still, in the few days they’d been together at the guild, they had decimated at least 20 thick annals of history.  Granted, most of them were books Silas had skimmed and then set aside because it was historically inaccurate.  Those he didn’t pass on to Desta, which was fine by her—it lightened her reading load significantly.
Still, one day, the two of them were sitting together reading when suddenly Silas bolted upright in his seat, reading intently.  Desta, startled, looked up at him.  He slammed the book shut after a few minutes, looking devastated.
“What, did your favorite character die?” Desta asked, knowing it was a
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An experiment
Desta looked up when she saw someone come up beside her.  It was Silas, and he looked miffed.  She still hadn’t managed to crack him yet, but the look on his face said she was close.  “Oh.  It’s just you.  Well, what do you want, shorty?” she asked.  Miffed became enraged, and in a flash, Desta found herself face to face with him, his hand gripping her shirt collar.  She’d been right, at least.  Now to see what his anger actually looked like.
“You know what, Desta?  That’s it.  I’m not going to put up with you thinking you can just walk all over me.  I know what you’re trying to do, and let me tell you—you don’t want to go there.  I may look young, and I may be small, but I will still hand you your ass on a silver plate if you make me angry,” he said, and with that, he released her collar.  Intrigued, she searched his eye for any sign that he was scan
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It's My Lucky Day: A Lost Girl Fan Fiction
     Autumn evenings at the Dál Rial were usually busy.  Everyone was getting off work, so the bar would fill up with tired, stressed-out Fae looking for a couple of beers and someone to drink them with.  The buzz of pleasant chatter was mingled with the humming of the fireside pipes and thumping of the bodhrán.  The cheery orange lighting recalled pumpkin pies and mugs of spiced mead shared with friends.  Everywhere were scarves and coats and hats, gratefully doffed in favor of the warm atmosphere of the pub.
     Kenzi was downing her fourth shot of whiskey and Bo was finishing off her second glass of homemade, home brewed eggnog.
     “Man, Trick, I have to get your recipe for this,” she said, shoving the glass toward the bartender.  He smirked and shook his head.
     “Sorry.  Old family recipe.”
     “Pff. Hardass.”
     “Do you want another, then?”
     She thought for a moment.
     “Go for it, Bo, we’re here to have a
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Styrofoam Plane
Daddy throws the plane high
into the sky
and into a tree—those things always break.
Isn’t that what they’re made to do?
use and they’re broken;
Then you move on, leaving the old in the dirt where it fell.
One time was all it took.
“My momma didn’t raise no dummies,” as she says.
She wouldn’t break like the others.
She, the
He, the night. With each turn,
       Place to live
       Place to sleep
       Peaceful night
Sometimes one is better than two.
The burrow
has been
made a
little wider;
I have
found my
own place.
Although he broke my Wings,
                                                                  I will fly.
:iconrighterwriter:righterwriter 5 5
The librarian shuffles by as I read, checking on his precious books. I scarcely notice him anymore—he is fiercely protective of his collection. I only come here for the noises, which is a strange thing to do in a library. But the books whisper their stories, sensually tantalizing me with their perfume as I finger through the pages. I don’t mind the librarian. I’m too engulfed in my hushed, gentle lovers.
:iconrighterwriter:righterwriter 2 6
She is
the chance of sun through rain;
skipping in and out of hope,
a promise that never was.
:iconrighterwriter:righterwriter 3 2

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I know school is out right now in most places, but I want to get this out there before the start of the next school year.


  • Need help coming up with a topic?
  • Got a paper due tomorrow, but don’t have time to make sure everything looks alright?
  • Not sure how to properly cite your references both in-text and on the works cited page?
  • Need help making it longer?

Send it on over!  

I have a bachelor’s degree in English, and have professionally edited every level of paper, from high school to post-graduate.

Send me an email for my rates:

I know how hard it is to have every assignment suddenly due all at the same time, and I want to help alleviate that!  I’m here to help, no matter what grade/year you’re in!



Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I have been writing since I was in 4th grade. I am currently a senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in English with the intent of becoming an author. In the mean time, I plan to edit for a magazine, newspaper, or other company or firm.

I have taught English in a variety of settings, and have had the opportunity to ghost write with a group of writers and illustrators. Currently I work on-campus tutoring English until I graduate next fall.

I have been crocheting since I was six years old, and have been making my own patterns since I was seven. I love what I do, and I rarely turn down a challenge.

Now taking commissions!


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